Friday, April 24, 2015

Fractions, Fractions, Fractions

3rd grade was deep into all things fractions in April.  Learning how to write, graph, compare, and find equivalent fractions was all part of the unit of study.  Teachers got creative with their class work and review to spark brains and keep interest high.

Mrs. Knipper's class had a review day.  They got with partners (and Miss C) to play a game with all things fractions.  It was a pretty fun Math class.

Mrs. McCauley's class had warm up work each day to review previous fraction skills.  This particular day, they had to move around the desk groups and compare the given fractions with unlike denominators.  They place the fractions on number lines and completed the comparrison.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Socratic Seminar: The Odyssey

Mrs. Butcher has been working on the IDOE High Ability Reading Unit of study with 5th grades for Trimester 3.  They have been diving into Greek mythology and learning about the Hero's Journey.  After read The Odyssey Parts 1 and 2 by Mary Pope Osborn, the students had to prepare for a Socratic Seminar.  Mrs. Butcher, through the use of Google Classroom, gave students the discussion questions ahead of time to prepare for the day of the seminar.

The students had great discussion during their Socratic Seminar!  Mrs. Butcher has two circles working.  The inside circle has the discussion, while the outside circle critiques a buddy.  After the current discussion dies down, the circles swap and a new question is presented.  Once the questions have all been addressed, they have a short whole-group discussion.  It is a great way to get students engaged and observe them as a teacher.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Protect the Peeps!

Mrs. Hays put a new twist on STEM work in her room and combined it with the Easter season.

Protect the Peeps was a great STEM project for students.  They were given supplies and had to build a raft or boat to protect a Peep from the water.  Designs varied as you can see below. 

There was much anxious anticipation on the test day!  Students placed their Peep on their flotation creation.  Gently they placed the creation in the water in hopes that their Peep would remain dry.  What a great way to generate teamwork and excitement!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Historical Projects

Mrs. Butcher's class put a little twist on their Historical Writing Unit.  They had to write to persuade someone to move to one of the new 13 colonies.  Their writing was then turned into a commercial for their chosen colony.  Parents and guests were invited in for the premier of the commercials!  It was great to witness the creativity of the students and see their final productions.  I think the students really enjoyed the challenge of this project.

Brady and Gabe introducing their colony

Macey and Ari want to welcome you!

A glimpse of Grace and McKenzie's video

Friday, January 23, 2015

Clowns and Worms

One thing I love about SES is that we do things "out of the box".

This week was Circus week!  As the 3rd grade prepared for the visit to the Shrine Circus, they had some guests come visit...clowns.  One day they had a professional clown come in to talk about her job and demonstrate how to put on clown make up.  She then entertained with a few skits.

clowning around

Mrs. Knipper helping our clown
Another day consisted of a clown family coming to talk and perform for the kids.
Clown Family
3rd grade teachers ready for the Clown Parade!
First grade had some excitement as they all got new class pets!  A guest from K County solid waste came to do a presentation on WORMS!!!  The kids got to learn about worms, how they help the environment, and how to take care of worms.  

worm lady
worm lady
picking out worms

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Incorporating Writing

With the shift in state assessments we must look at how we are incorporating Writing instruction into all academic areas.  Writer's Workshop provides a curriculum for us to spend focused time on several genres of writing and work on student craft as writers.  But, it is not the only area that we can work on Writing Standards.

The following link provides some insight into incorporating writing techniques outside of ELA subject areas.

If you look at specific writing standards, many of them can be address in areas outside of ELA.  For example,  W.1:LEARNING OUTCOME FOR WRITING: Write effectively for a variety of tasks, purposes, and audiences, can apply to several content areas (an explanation for solving math problem, a sequence of events in Social Studies, cause and effect in Science, etc.).

W.3: WRITING GENRES: Develop writing skills by writing for different purposes and to specific audiences or people.  This focuses mainly on persuasion.  Apply it to reasons for historical events, historical writing, reasons for trying a scientific procedure one way versus another, write an informative paragraph about a science concept that is new or a math reasoning problem. 

Use the writing process,  W.4: THE WRITING PROCESS: Produce coherent and legible documents by planning, drafting, revising, editing, and collaborating with others, even for shorter pieces (extended response questions, answers needing a text-dependent answer), etc.

With so many standards, some that are brand new to grade levels, we need to be sure to cover them in several different atmospheres if we are to expect mastery.  Teaching a skill/standard in isolation has value, but so does application of that standard in all academic areas.

Let's not get so focused on content standards only being taught in that specific content area.  Look for ways that you are incorporating standards across the curriculum.  It may be that your ELA standard for the day/week is being covered in several areas, not just Reading and Writing.

Happy Planning!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Multiplication War

Doing some work in 3rd grade this week during Math with Mrs. Slusser's class.  Students were reviewing and testing.  As students finished, Mrs. Slusser wanted an activity for them to work on related to Math.  So, we learned Multiplication War...a great way to practice fact fluency, speed, and accuracy.  The kids partnered up as they finished their test and played. 

Jaden and Kyler battling

Allen and Christian...who will win?

Delaney and Allison: multiplication machines
Need: 1 standard deck of cards
How to Play:
    1. deal cards as you would to play War
    2. each play turns up a card
    3. be the first to say the correct product
        - for beginners, have a multiplication chart to refer

Face Card Rules:
face card and number = square the number
2 face cards = wash (no one gets cards)

    If players tie, there is a war!
        each person lays 1 card face down and flips the next card
        first to say correct product gets all cards from the war

Happy Playing!