Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Multiplication War

Doing some work in 3rd grade this week during Math with Mrs. Slusser's class.  Students were reviewing and testing.  As students finished, Mrs. Slusser wanted an activity for them to work on related to Math.  So, we learned Multiplication War...a great way to practice fact fluency, speed, and accuracy.  The kids partnered up as they finished their test and played. 

Jaden and Kyler battling

Allen and Christian...who will win?

Delaney and Allison: multiplication machines
Need: 1 standard deck of cards
How to Play:
    1. deal cards as you would to play War
    2. each play turns up a card
    3. be the first to say the correct product
        - for beginners, have a multiplication chart to refer

Face Card Rules:
face card and number = square the number
2 face cards = wash (no one gets cards)

    If players tie, there is a war!
        each person lays 1 card face down and flips the next card
        first to say correct product gets all cards from the war

Happy Playing!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Technology in the Classroom

I am sitting at the Digital Literacy conference and am blown away!

How are we currently using technology?
Do you use technology in your class?

What scares you about technology?
Do you have go-to apps or tools that you use?

Technology is a tool that our students use ALL OF THE TIME!  We need to be utilizing technology, embedding it in our instruction, to meet the needs of our students.  What would happen if we let our students be the teachers?  I think there are amazing possibilities if we can let our students lead a bit more.

I have been exposed to some cool digital tools that teachers are using.  I'm going to start posting more about them.  I would love to hear what you are thinking.  Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Be brave!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Celebrating Writing

Mrs. Jones' class finished up a Personal Narrative Unit.  To celebrate their work, students got to read their writing to the class on a karaoke microphone!  It was great to see the kids listening, applauding, and enjoying one another's work.  Here are some pictures and a video to enjoy!

Aaliyah reading to the class

Author: Bailey

Monday, October 6, 2014


We SERIOUSLY have the greatest PTO at our school!  They put our students first in their decision making and are always wanting to know how they can help.  With the recent push for more non-fiction reading, they were willing to help.  The PTO graciously donated a large amount of Scholastic Dollars to purchase about 300 new non-fiction books for our Library and Literacy Room.  Titles range in reading level and interest level.  There are books for all ages and grade levels!  Be watching for these books to show up on the shelves.

Kids Teaching Kids

I have an opportunity to get in lots of classrooms.  Friday I joined Mrs. Martin's class for Tier 2 time.  She had to make an adjustment due to para help.  She decided to have some of her students teach games to small groups.  They were working on beginning, middle, and end sounds.  Check it out!

I also got to see Mr. and Mrs. Knipper's classes during Warrior Buddies.  They were learning about phases of matter using root beer floats!

Tree Map of phases of matter

Mrs. Perrin had a pretty cool thing happen in her room on Tuesday morning.  The first graders had been talking about good reading strategies.  Mia decided to make a chart of questions about the movie Frozen and share with the class.  They had a blast answering and discussing!
Mia Asking Questions

Close Reading Anchor Charts

Close Reading is underway in grades 3-5.  Many teachers have tried this and some are getting in a routine.  I wanted to share some anchor charts that a few teachers have made.  I also posted some sites that have information about close reading: strategies, places to find articles, more anchor charts.

Mrs. Hunter's anchor chart

Mrs. McCauley's anchor chart

Places to find articles:
Read Works
DOGO News current events
Time for Kids

Sites for strategies and anchor charts:
Literacy and Math Ideas
Close Reading and the Common Core

Hopefully you find these things helpful.  If you have other great resources, leave a link or title in the comments please!