Monday, October 6, 2014

Kids Teaching Kids

I have an opportunity to get in lots of classrooms.  Friday I joined Mrs. Martin's class for Tier 2 time.  She had to make an adjustment due to para help.  She decided to have some of her students teach games to small groups.  They were working on beginning, middle, and end sounds.  Check it out!

I also got to see Mr. and Mrs. Knipper's classes during Warrior Buddies.  They were learning about phases of matter using root beer floats!

Tree Map of phases of matter

Mrs. Perrin had a pretty cool thing happen in her room on Tuesday morning.  The first graders had been talking about good reading strategies.  Mia decided to make a chart of questions about the movie Frozen and share with the class.  They had a blast answering and discussing!
Mia Asking Questions

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