Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Multiplication War

Doing some work in 3rd grade this week during Math with Mrs. Slusser's class.  Students were reviewing and testing.  As students finished, Mrs. Slusser wanted an activity for them to work on related to Math.  So, we learned Multiplication War...a great way to practice fact fluency, speed, and accuracy.  The kids partnered up as they finished their test and played. 

Jaden and Kyler battling

Allen and Christian...who will win?

Delaney and Allison: multiplication machines
Need: 1 standard deck of cards
How to Play:
    1. deal cards as you would to play War
    2. each play turns up a card
    3. be the first to say the correct product
        - for beginners, have a multiplication chart to refer

Face Card Rules:
face card and number = square the number
2 face cards = wash (no one gets cards)

    If players tie, there is a war!
        each person lays 1 card face down and flips the next card
        first to say correct product gets all cards from the war

Happy Playing!

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