Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Incorporating Writing

With the shift in state assessments we must look at how we are incorporating Writing instruction into all academic areas.  Writer's Workshop provides a curriculum for us to spend focused time on several genres of writing and work on student craft as writers.  But, it is not the only area that we can work on Writing Standards.

The following link provides some insight into incorporating writing techniques outside of ELA subject areas.

If you look at specific writing standards, many of them can be address in areas outside of ELA.  For example,  W.1:LEARNING OUTCOME FOR WRITING: Write effectively for a variety of tasks, purposes, and audiences, can apply to several content areas (an explanation for solving math problem, a sequence of events in Social Studies, cause and effect in Science, etc.).

W.3: WRITING GENRES: Develop writing skills by writing for different purposes and to specific audiences or people.  This focuses mainly on persuasion.  Apply it to reasons for historical events, historical writing, reasons for trying a scientific procedure one way versus another, write an informative paragraph about a science concept that is new or a math reasoning problem. 

Use the writing process,  W.4: THE WRITING PROCESS: Produce coherent and legible documents by planning, drafting, revising, editing, and collaborating with others, even for shorter pieces (extended response questions, answers needing a text-dependent answer), etc.

With so many standards, some that are brand new to grade levels, we need to be sure to cover them in several different atmospheres if we are to expect mastery.  Teaching a skill/standard in isolation has value, but so does application of that standard in all academic areas.

Let's not get so focused on content standards only being taught in that specific content area.  Look for ways that you are incorporating standards across the curriculum.  It may be that your ELA standard for the day/week is being covered in several areas, not just Reading and Writing.

Happy Planning!

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