Friday, January 23, 2015

Clowns and Worms

One thing I love about SES is that we do things "out of the box".

This week was Circus week!  As the 3rd grade prepared for the visit to the Shrine Circus, they had some guests come visit...clowns.  One day they had a professional clown come in to talk about her job and demonstrate how to put on clown make up.  She then entertained with a few skits.

clowning around

Mrs. Knipper helping our clown
Another day consisted of a clown family coming to talk and perform for the kids.
Clown Family
3rd grade teachers ready for the Clown Parade!
First grade had some excitement as they all got new class pets!  A guest from K County solid waste came to do a presentation on WORMS!!!  The kids got to learn about worms, how they help the environment, and how to take care of worms.  

worm lady
worm lady
picking out worms

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