Monday, April 20, 2015

Socratic Seminar: The Odyssey

Mrs. Butcher has been working on the IDOE High Ability Reading Unit of study with 5th grades for Trimester 3.  They have been diving into Greek mythology and learning about the Hero's Journey.  After read The Odyssey Parts 1 and 2 by Mary Pope Osborn, the students had to prepare for a Socratic Seminar.  Mrs. Butcher, through the use of Google Classroom, gave students the discussion questions ahead of time to prepare for the day of the seminar.

The students had great discussion during their Socratic Seminar!  Mrs. Butcher has two circles working.  The inside circle has the discussion, while the outside circle critiques a buddy.  After the current discussion dies down, the circles swap and a new question is presented.  Once the questions have all been addressed, they have a short whole-group discussion.  It is a great way to get students engaged and observe them as a teacher.

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